The Day He Learned to Open the Fridge

His Dad was watching him… enough said.



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  • Karen_fultonlacrosse


  • Howell999

    ur lucky that is all that happened!

    • Mansfieldpark4

      That's right! Some eggs would help that flour stick, lol!

  • Jbirdbombs

    haha. I bet the famous words were to follow… I WAS watching him, and I turned my head for 1 minute… ( notice the 20 minutes worth of stuff strewn all over)

    • whatever

      maybe you should stop being a hater. obviously you have no idea what a toddler can do in a couple minutes.
      and i bet some more famous words are to follow “don't have any kids, but i've seen enough to know”

      • CestMoi

        Whoa. I think you're reading waaaaay too much into the comment. I have a kid and know that it's pretty common for parents to say, “I WAS watching/my head was turned for 1 minute” and there's a huge mess obviously made in more than 1 minute.

  • MadredeZoe

    He is so cute though!!!

  • CestMoi

    Adorable kiddo, great photo shot! Sorry about the mess. Flour (as is sugar and baby powder, I've learned) is horrible to clean up. I bet know one knew just where to start the clean up. Have had those moments myself, sadly. 😉

  • Sherry

    looks like he found something to do that he's real good at, lol

  • Nicole Montgomery

    Am I the only one who never heard of keeping flour and sugar in the fridge?

    LOVE the photo! I can totally see one of my kids doing this if they could reach the flour!

    • shady1

      We keep our sugar/flour in the fridge. I'm guessing the toddler lives in the midwest like we do. It gets extremely humid in the summer & refrigerating the sugar/flour is the only way to keep it from getting icky…even if you have central air.

    • Mylene

      Nope, I'd never heard of it either and I've spent nearly 30 years in the midwest. Though I think I may relocate mine to the fridge for the reasons everyone has said!

      (Hi Ducks! 😛 )

    • Alunau7

      In the South it's common…keeps out the bugs!

    • Therealbertho

      I'm more concerned about what appears to be syrup on the lower shelf… (red cap)

    • Blessedmommieof3

      I've lived in the South my entire life & no one I know of has ever kept sugar and/or flour in the refrigerator! lol Mine are stored in airtight canisters… saves more room in the refrigerator for real food and keeps messes like this from happening! 😉

    • Guest

      My thoughts exactly! Flour and sugar in the fridge? I mean, it is a very cute picture, but that was the first thing I noticed.

  • LisaMarie

    Oh, I feel your pain. Flour is a messssssssssssss to clean up. My 3 boys dumped and tossed a 22lb of flour across my kitchen. Cute Pic! 🙂

  • Robbo

    And of course the baby goes RIGHT for the flour! Couldn't be courteous enough to just scatter some of those unopened containers around the floor…

  • Frimp13

    Why are flour and sugar in the fridge?

    • arsefardel

      Was it the husband's idea to also keep the flour in the fridge?
      How about: In a sealed plastic container, up in a cupboard.

      • Mansfieldpark4

        It keeps the flour from spoiling in hot weather. I actually keep mine in the freezer, esp. whole grain that gets rancid b/c of the natural oils. I bet this episode prompted some sort of relocation though 🙂

  • Mansfieldpark4

    Aww, too cute to be mad at 🙂 Once mine did this with Bisquick. It's messy like flour, but sticks really well to everything– especially to the grout between the ceramic tiles of the kitchen floor– because it's got shortening in it. Super fun!

  • Jbirdz

    This is actually a really cute pic, save it for when u can laugh. I have 4 boys, this shit happens daily.

    • scarlett

      I have twin two year old boys (and a four year old girl). I feel your pain. This kind of a mess happens in less than a minute in my house except one of them is making a mess like this in one corner while the other is in another corner dumping the dog's water bowl. It never ends.

  • kelly_heathen

    Good thing he's so cute 😉

  • timetodecorate

    I have a picture very much like this, (only the pantry is empty in the background.) I turned my back for a minute, and when I heard the sack of flour hit the floor, I grabbed the camera and watched for the 4 or 5 minutes that it held his attention. Its a funny memory now.

    • Mansfieldpark4

      YI have a pic somewhere of my middle boy in front of a totally empty wardrobe in a deep nest of unfolded clothes, same idea 🙂

  • Awww!

    Hard to be upset with how cute this little guy is! Hope Daddy helped with the clean up. 🙂

  • ShadowMoonstar

    There are locks that you can buy for your fridge that since he's so little he can't reach! My 4 year old decided that it was too cold in the fridge one day and she turned the temp up so the milk was warmer! I tried the locks for her but since she's tall enough and smart enough (it's a slide click lock like the high chair buckles) it didn't work for longer than 3 seconds till she figured it out.

    • Christinecurtis

      mine just pulled harder on the door and the glue on the lock let go…… Lol

    • Ericahager2005

      i have 3 of those on my fridge — luckily it beeps when open for more then 30 seconds……kenmore top refrig bottom freezer I also put an alarm on sons bedroom door for the times when he wanders also have a motion sensor for kitchen door just have yet to put it up best 15.00 ever spent at home depot alarm called doberman — just sticks up and good to go

  • Amanda

    why on earth is your flour and sugar in your fridge?

    • Donna

      Most likely to keep weevils and other bugs that like flour and sugar out of it and to keep from spoiling. I keep mine in my freezer and it keeps it perfect. I have tired everything-including very tightly sealed containers-but I have never had any luck. I guess I don`t use it enough to stop it.

  • Aimee Mae

    he's pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen! There are many pics floating about of myself and my siblings after a flour war. 🙂

  • Heckthecat

    My daughter learned to open the fridge on dad's watch, too. Fortunately she just decided to set the table, lol. He turned around and found milk, juice, mayonnaise, cheese, and anything else her little hands could reach arranged neatly and unopened on the table. He was upset enough by that, I can't imagine how he'd have reacted to this. So cute! (BTW, she's since been instructed what's a 'no touch' in the fridge and just opens it for the sippy or the raspberries we keep in her reach. Added bonus- Daddy is more watchful knowing she has red, juicy berries in her reach)

  • Mimi

    The day my 3 1/2 year old daughter got into the flour was the day I decided she needed to go to preschool – mid year. My mistake was not taking her to the bathroom with me.

  • Mightmouse22

    oh god, i got lucky with my daughter so far and her staying away from the fridge. She's four now but boy does she love the dog food, she gets it everywhere!

  • Lhiata

    My son did something like this recently…. he strongarmedpast the refridgerator in the wee hours of the morning… his method of torture were eggs all over our glass coffee table and new carpet.

    Oh, should I mention they were smashed eggs? 🙁

  • skorupi88

    Aww, what a cutie, though. I had to put duct tape on our fridge for a while (it's an old refrigerator) to keep our little guy out of it while I did simple necessary things like go to the bathroom. Also, I remember my little brother getting into a can of Crisco when he was that age. My mother couldn't do anything but just laugh hysterically.

  • Nurserlg

    In my opinion KIDS do not ruin anything

  • Lydia

    kids that age work quick. My son used to throw eggs on the floor until we got a lock.

  • Moxichick

    It may be time for a 'child-proof' lock for the fridge. They work wonders!

  • Wereallmadhere9

    Who keeps flour in the fridge?

  • Tami Shively Jonker

    What a beautiful little boy.. even all covered in flour!

  • Emily Sulzle

    My kids dumped a 5 lb bag of flour on the kitchen floor and “swam” in it. Dad was multi-tasking… playing Madden and “watching” them. Then he got the video camera out!

  • Sbomtster

    mine use to sleep raid the fridge till i finally got a bungee cord as I had a side by side tied the handles together then to a cupboard knob she couldn't reach. No more surprises in the morning.

  • Ruth_hay

    who keeps flour in the fridge…is this a set up??

  • Deb

    why is flour kept in the fridge???

  • Rebecca.

    Wow. Your son is absolutely gorgeous. What a beauty!

    Sorry about the mess though. LOL.

  • Canadian

    I don't think there is any set up. Here in Canada we keep our flour and sugar in the freezer. It just helps to keep it fresher. I also keep my jams, jellies and syrup in the fridge too. No biggie.

  • Tinkster

    And why is the flour in the fridge?

  • Padewan

    perhaps you should store the molasses right next to the flour, and it wont happen again….

  • Jessica Shirley

    I don't understand why people put things like that in the fridge. I live in the south where it's humid all the time. We have always kept ours in airtight containers and it's been fine. Sugar, flour, cornmill, brown sugar. Everything. No bugs, no nothing.

  • itsme

    wow why is everyone concerned about what she puts on the fridge!!!! It is not your fridge, put whatever you want on yours.

    the pic is super cute 🙂

  • Linda Honey

    My daughter was 17 mos. old & her dad was “supposed” to be watching her. I got home from grocery shopping & he's taking a nap on the couch & she is GONE! I look everywhere & the back door wasn't latched & the side gate was open. We searched the neighborhood & then I called the police. They asked me what she was wearing & I said I didn't know cause hubby was watching her. They said they have a little girl with a diaper & tennis shoes on & I said I';ll be right there! They said no we'll bring her to you! Thank God! She must've crossed the street & walked down the block & was heading down the side street when they found her!

    • MissPlace

      OMG! You are so lucky. And so is your husband, if you let him live. However, your daughter probably thought it was a lovely adventure.

  • Lisa Mcfeely

    To all of you that can't fathom flour in the fridge, it is actually recommended to keep the flour in a cool place.

  • DivaStar

    so cute, reminds of when my now 14 yr old was his age she did the same thing, she would get up before anyone else and there would be a trail of eggs and little flour footprints leading from the kitchen, across the blue carpet into the bedroom. LOL

  • Frustrated2

    Great link Lisa.

    There can be bug eggs in your flour before you buy it! Yummy!

    Then they hatch! Yummier!

    Kari is smart to keep it in the fridge.

    • kristinr

      as if i didnt have enough things to be freaked out about…. bug eggs… yuck

  • Becca Gulliver

    LOL @ Nicole Montgomery – I was just thinking the same thing.

    I actually had a similar thing happen, but the flour was in a low level cupboard. I left my son alone for about 2 minutes while I was taking some laundry upstairs and I came back down to a completely white living room and kitchen with my son in the middle throwing flour about shouting “look it's snowing”. The flour was everywhere, it took me 1 hour to clean up and it killed my hoover in the process. Needless to say the flour is now in a very high cupboard.

  • Babs

    HA HA yep that says it all!

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  • Bratt

    I think this is the Cutest Picture I have ever seen…..How precious!!!! Just something about this Baby, Very Beautiful, Thank you for sharing!!

  • Kari

    Just went back to see if anyone commented on the picture and WOW who knew so many people cared where we kept out flour?!? 🙂

    We kept it in the fridge to keep it from growing bugs and from getting lumpy from the humidity and also because we lived in a tiny old mobile home at the time with no panty and four kitchen cabinets to store our food, dishes, cups, and pots and pans.

    My husband DID clean up the mess. The second I walked in the house from the grocery store he looked my way and we saw the mess at the same time and he saw my expression and jumped up and started cleaning.

    The funny thing is a few weeks ago a friend told him about this site and he was just looking through it and was shocked to discover our son there with the words “my husband was watching him… enough said” So funny

  • Ali624

    Strange place to keep flour.

  • SheezTakeADeepBreath

    Enjoying most of the photos here and this one is just too precious, what a cutie! But what is with the comment police?!?!!! Sheez, it's not that serious.

  • Anonymous

    For all the people bitching about the kid not being watched for more than 1 minute… How long does it take YOU to go to the bathroom, or switch a load of laundry, or change another child’s diaper, wash some dishes, prepare a lunch for small children…. Have more than one kid under the age of 5 and see how easy it is to keep an eye on everyone ALL the time. You people really annoy the piss out of me, these pictures are for parents with a sense of humor about the shit their kids get into… If you don’t get that, F off!

  • Miri

    Hehehe. Kids…they get smarter every day. When you find way to keep them out of trouble they find a new way to get into it.

    All it takes is half a second. Me, my aunt and my mother were all watching my nephew one afternoon and were all three sitting in the living room. Someone (MOM!) left a cup of coffee (cold by that point thank God because I nearly had a heart attack thinking it was scalding hot coffee) on the table and he managed to grab that and knock it over before any of us could take the two steps across the floor to grab him…

    It just happens. 

    And furthermore Jbirdbomb how long do you think it actually takes to throw a few handfuls of flour on the floor? If that takes you twenty minutes you’re the one with problem.

  • julie hall

    Child proof locks don’t work anymore on the freezer and I can’t keep I’m out of it and when they do get in it they don’t shut it back.and my 4 yr olz keeps filling up the sink in our bathrooms and overflowing them of course a majority of the time that happens his father is also watching him or should I say in the recliner shouting “y’all better not be in that toilet you hear me y’all better not be in that toilet” and that’s as far as it goes. My four and five year old boys are destroying my house they have destroyed everything of mine and I realize that kids do do that…..but this is extreme does anybody have any advice on how I can somehow salvage a little bit of my home sanity and belongings. … by the time I clean up one mess they r making another so please understand its not that they are left to do as they please they just know how to take advantage of me not being able to be in the same room when I’m cleaning up let’s just say the 4th glass that has been broken this week off floor. Help