Pizza Night

While my husband and I were putting our 1 year old twins in their highchairs our almost 3 year old son was busy “making train tracks” with Thomas in our hot, just delivered pizza.



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  • melissa

    chew chew you go thomas

  • Little Godzilla

    The new page looks great! And thank you for continuing to make me extremely grateful I don't have kids.

  • Lauradbg

    That's hilarious! Where you guys saw sausage he saw boulders maybe? Anyway, his train cleared them. Good thing he didn't have a bulldozer.

  • mama

    I'd be more irritated that I paid for a burnt pizza.

  • Shw

    And you ate it anyway right? 'Cuz after a few of these moments you look at food and say “Fuck it. I'm hungry”. I have almost gotten used to my 3 year old sticking her finger in my breakfast saying “is this yogurt mommy?”. Ah, parenthood.

  • bcsooner

    I feel ur pain! Most of my meals r ruined by one of my three boys! They get older, and think its gonna get easier..but it doesnt!

  • Kylee_H

    That is epic!!

  • Why?

    My gut reaction is, “Um….. did you kick his ass?!”

    Clearly, I don't have kids.

  • Peggy

    ewww, it looks like something from a medical journal.

  • Jesterca15

    My 3 yr old is also Thomas obsessed and would totally do this!

  • Jupstin

    Hey – it's still pizza. I'd eat it 🙂

  • Ziggydz

    Looks like a good turnout! Encourage this kid, he could be a great model railroader…

  • Rob McFadzean

    I'd still eat it.

  • Babs


  • Betty

    One of my favorites! ha ha

  • Betty

    One of my faves!

  • Nicole

    i made a cake that had Thomas on it for hi 3rd birthday, he was nicely put on its frosting tracks when my son began to drive him down the tracks what a mess but it was his party and with grammys all around ( 3 or 4 of them) I “MOM” had to sit back while he ruined the cake i worked so hard on but it still tasted good ….lol

  • Miri

    Kids seriously. Driving a train on a pizza? Where do they come up with stuff like this?