The Freezer

My freezer…he did this in three minutes, while I had my back turned to load the empty the dryer. I cried like a baby, because the freezer is the most romantic gift my husband has ever given me.

Submitted by: Nicki



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  • Scrubby

    Aww. =( I don't know how well this will work, since I'm not sure what the freezer surface is like and what type of marker/etc the evil child used… but I thought my apartment's fridge front and handles were grey because the white textured part had rubbed off from too many grad students looking for snacks…… but really, my disgusting roommate had stir-fried so much that the fridge was coated with grease and slowly got dust and grime in it and she never cleaned it. ANYWAY, long story short, we got it back sparkling white with ammonia and a lot of scrubbing. It might work! I dunno. = Poor thing!

    • Don

      WD-40 takes crayon off of almost anything. The oily film left behind can be cleaned with 409 or something similar.

  • A mom amok

    Wow this looks familiar, except our red modern art masterpiece is on the kids brand new bunk beds, and not on the freezer. In permanent marker. Oy.

  • George P

    I’d cry, too, if a freezer was the most romantic gift I had received from my spouse.

  • Juli Ruffing

    Magic Eraser will take that right off.

  • Mandhyh8433

    yup! magic eraser!

  • ladyofargonne

    This looks beautiful to me.

  • Lilbitred23

    yeah magic eraser will take it right off….or windex they both would work!!

  • Jon Griffith

    I think we may need to have a chat about romance. 🙂

  • nerwen_aldarion

    Magic eraser should work…and we need to have a talk to your hubby about gifts…

  • Beverly Ellis

    try to clean it off w/ a magic eraser. i swear that is the best questionable item i've bought.

  • kristinr

    I agree with the others my first thought was get a magic eraser and no more problem

  • jeffM

    Worry not, sister! Mr Clean Erasers! Magic, I tell you, Magic!
    We have 10 children, these have saved all of my appliances as well as saved me from repainting my house weekly.
    Also, rubbing alchohol on a rag works VERY nicely on crayon!

  • Rebecca Christiansen

    after a similar incident, i found out you can go to the hardware store and they sell spray paint epecially for freezers/fridges so you can just paint over it all. It makes it nice and brand new again plus you get that lovely spray paint smell

  • JustinL

    “the freezer is the most romantic gift my husband has ever given me.”



    Don't clean it! It will be even more romantic one day when your kid is driving off and not living at home.

  • Anonymous

    Three or four words… Mr. Clean Magic Eraser! Seriously, the thing is frigging amazing.

  • James Price

    “…the freezer is the most romantic gift my husband has ever given me.” Sad. Maybe the kid did you a favor so your spouse can have the opportunity to one up “the most romantic gift.”

  • Crane Billingsley

    Sounds like you need a new husband then, and not kids.

  • Dina

    This is def a very very very very minor incident as far as stuff on this website. Nothing is ruined here. That must have come off in 2 seconds using magic eraser. This ranks as dumb as the person who posted that their kid took all the tissues out of the box…no big deal..seriously. Romantic…hahahahhaha