What Did You Do With My Phone?

Me “What did you do with my phone?” Him (15 months) ”Buuuhhh. Buuuhhh” Me “Where the hell is my phone?” Him (points to Buzz Lightyear) and yells “Buuuzzz” then walks off. Two complete pieces…AT&T can’t recover any pics or contacts.

Submitted by: Yumi



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  • Joleibox

    I've had two phones exactly like that, end up looking just the same way! that story is too cute!

  • Bugaroo88

    how are the phones broken? can you just open the lid and get them?

    • TwinMommy2

      That is actually one phone broken into two pieces at the hinge 😉

  • Amanda

    Bugaroo88 : That's not “phones” but A phone, in two pieces. The phone should still be functional once it's put back together, but any pictures and contacts would be lost.

  • Mommy2aiden

    Wow you actually speak like that to your 15 month old?

  • Rebeltrooper1979

    That's mild. I've heard much worse. Don't nitpick a harried mother.

  • SusanLynne3

    Oh, geez… I feel for ya. Last New Year's Eve I caught my daughter sitting down, dunking my cell in the dog's water. Now she's obsessed with her Buzz Lightyear. I can only imagine the ideas this pic would give her!

  • jeffM

    Ouch! Feel your pain on that one, with a ton of kids, many a phone has seen an early grave. The have been lost, driven over, hidden under mattresses, flushed, washed, you name it, they've done it.

  • http://twitter.com/QWERTYCommander Christopher Mauro

    At the side of this page says:

    “The only unwelcome visitors are those who are here to be mean or judgmental or offer a parenting critique. This is not the place for you.”

  • http://twitter.com/LexLoomis Alexander Loomis

    How else was he supposed to make it fit?

    • Mike Cui

      Obviously, he can close it. But he decided to do this shit.

  • nerwen_aldarion

    Buzz needed to make a phone call. It was of Galactic importance

  • bethann85

    actually, even if the phone is broken in two, as long as it turns on and the charging port is not damaged you can extract contacts… and pictures 😉

  • Bryan Paschke

    I second what Bethann85 said. The AT&T person just didn't feel like going to the effort. I've gone so far as to make one complete phone out of several broken ones and found the memory from the phone that donated the main board was still intact! and yes, I'm pretty sure from the pic they were from that model phone. If you still have the phone pieces, it might be worth a try to take it to someone who is COMPETENT and have them retrieve at least the photos.