While I Was On This Site …

While looking through your amazing website, this happened. Purple Sharpie on not only my walls, floor, $300 entertainment center, and coffee table but my 1.5 year old son as well. Nice! Thank you for this website. It’s almost like a support group! haha

Submitted by: Tenessa



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  • hollymom23

    OMG!! That is too funny! He must have been telepathically inspired!

  • Troglodad

    Sharpie makes a chemical to remove sharpie marker ink. You can save the Entertainment Center. A TV is a terrible thing to waste!

  • Troglodad

    Sharpie removal liquid:


  • ShadowMoonstar

    MR. CLEAN MAGIC ERASER!!!!! and WOOLITE Spray (not the rug stick) they make a spray with resolve oxy magic in it and it removes sharpie from the carpet.

  • ShadowMoonstar

    So I suppose those of you who have disparaging remarks to make have either A) Never had kids don’t have kids and won’t have kids ever or B) Have kids who are kept in their rooms 24-7 like caged animals or C) are so anal retentive they run their households like Hitler ran Nazi Germany and your kids are now neurotic anal retentives in training who will one day be released on society to wreck further havoc where you left off. Because on the off chance that you have actually reproduced (how I find hard since you probably would turn off a brick wall if it managed to come on to you) your children must still be in the non mobile stage at this point and don’t manage to do more than drool like an idiot on anything near them. You will soon find out that between laundry and grocery shopping and work and running here and there for everything that you need in a day or any activities that may be planned you have very little energy or time to expend for yourself let alone all the time in the day that it takes to do everything AND watch an over charged toddler (who by the way puts the energizer bunny to shame) It is possible for a child to defy gravity in ways no one has seen and get something that you felt was secure when YOU put it there and then manage to destroy EVERYTHING in a 20 mile radius within the 5 minutes it takes to load a load of laundry into the washer!

  • http://twitter.com/artreFlecktions Aimee Fleck

    If the sharpie is still on everything, find a craft store, or stamping store, or scrapbooking store, and get Alcohol Ink Blending Solution. It WILL remove the sharpie and it will NOT hurt your furniture.

  • Kristi

    FYI..I got sharpie out of a thermal knit shirt with Coke. Pour it on, let it foam up and then scrub it in. Completely removed the stain. (Magic Eraser for the non-fabric furniture items..)