Our Beige Couch

My two year old’s idea of “art” all over our beige couch. My 8 year old left her pen on the ground and then we both became engrossed in combing out her hair and when I turned around, I found her quite happily redecorating.

Submitted by: Shannie B.



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  • http://twitter.com/CityGirlLost Juli Ruffing

    If it's just regular ball point pen, you can use Purell on a white towel and it will rub off.

  • Pigsrock101

    thats really good for a two year old the art i mean

  • Guest

    I also thought that was really good for a two-year-old. Definitely ahead of the curve.

  • Shannie B

    Thanks, I think she's a mighty fine little artist. Just not on my couch. Purel did lighten it up, but it's still there.

  • ShadowMoonstar

    Woolite makes a spray that has resolve oxy magic in it that should work on this. It took sharpie out of my mauve carpet.

  • http://twitter.com/littlecat1984 Elisa Herrman

    This literally could have been a shot I've taken. Same pen color, same couch, same frustration.

  • treblakathleenruppel

    use hair spray let sit for bout a min then rub and dab with damp clothe…works for ink

  • Missy

    magic eraser should take it out. took marker out of my couch when my daughter did it. then sold said couch to friend and her daughter did the same thing. took it out both times!

  • Tinkerbell2019

    I “agree” with the 2 yo… her redecorating doesn’t look worse than the stains on the couch. Maybe she just wanted to point out that a new couch was needed….