My Afternoon Snack

I hear “thud, stomp stomp stomp.” coming from my kitchen and walk into this. She ruined my afternoon snack.

Submitted by: Bubbles



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  • hollymom23

    What really got me laughing was seeing her standing there and reading the thud, stomp, stomp, stomp! It's like she is already punishing herself!

  • petey

    Aww, it's just broken, Bubbles.
    You can eat a broken watermelon…

  • Carrie

    This is a perfect photo because it tells the complete story. The crime, the perp, and finally, the reaction of said perp to said crime. Really a great photo!

  • Christopher Mauro

    You eat an entire watermelon as an afternoon snack?

  • Aris B

    This photo is awesome…complete with pouting toddler…priceless!

  • Dina

    Aww the poor girl. This is no big deal really. Nothing ruined at all. I hope she didn’t get yelled at.

  • Erin Asay

    Was the stomping due to running away, or cold, hard watermelon brutality? Cause she looks like she’s pretty durn upset with that watermelon.