My Formerly Clean House

My formerly clean house

Submitted by: Jenny



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  • Just sayin'…

    Take a page from Super Nanny… Less is more. This place looks like a day care! It's amazing how few toys kids really need. Less to pick up, too.

    • Michael

      Take a page from SMKR Haters and people wanting to tell other people how to raise their children are not welcome. Take your super nanny and go back to England. We are fine here.

  • Sandra

    whoa mama on a serious note cps taken my kids for mess that looked like that. I left them with dad for 2 days while I work out of state. Just got them back 7 mos later. be careful and clean.

  • Anonymous

    Hey just sayin’…. piss off…
    Hey Jenny… I first looked at this picture and thought, what is that blonde kid doing in my house! LOL!

  • Michelle Luna

    i’m with Just Sayin, why the hell would you ever buy a kid this much crap? it’s literally just junk at that point, the more you give a brat the less likely he is to take care of it. nobody’s telling this woman how to raise her kid, just suggesting that there’s no need for that much material accumulation. i bet that kid is a friggin nightmare child too, the most spoiled ones always are

  • Dina

    The other commenters are idiots. Your house looks fun and my house looks like a toy bomb went off like that too. You aren’t alone and in 20 yrs our houses will be really boring but I guess by then we can focus on decorating with our free time.

  • Kimberly Lux

    OMG!!!  You have no idea how wonderful this picture is!!!  I don’t feel alone anymore….I have 5 kids…my oldest is 21…my youngest is 3….and I swear, the 21 year old is the worst!!!!  Thanks you!!  Like another fan of the site wrote: “Your website is like a support group!!”  ~Kim, PA