Lipstick + Bathtub

little guy wanted to be like mommy and use lipstick >:|

Submitted by: Steve

(SMKR is proud to post our first submission from the future – Jan 2012 looks messy)



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  • Redhat7

    I wish I had thought to take pictures when my two year old daughter decorated herself, her little brother and my bedroom with lipstick! Wasn't funny then, but would be priceless now!

  • T-Bram

    It's not too late! This incident can be prevented, since it hasn't happened yet! We have approximately a year and a half to stop this from ever happening, since it doesn't happen until 01/02/2012

  • Sandra

    so funny you need a time machine.

  • Julianne

    My kiddo did that a couple of months ago. White Dove soap does the trick. It also gets lipstick out of clothes. It has to be the name brand, though. 😀