Mr. Potato Head

Farewell Mr. Potato Head!!  Although you were only in our house from Christmas to February, you will be missed, but rest assured, the smell of burnt plastic shall linger forever.  My two year old threw him into the gas fireplace.  He started to melt, rolled out of the fireplace onto the carpet nearly burning the entire house done.

Submitted by: Gretchen



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  • Jenn

    Ha, this pic is so much better for having the still-intact face parts in their respective places.

  • Barbara S

    If he was going out he was going to take you all with him.

  • bnbenoitk

    This is absolutely hysterical! I thought this crap only happened at my house!

  • Michael

    Anyone up for a quick game of Hot Potato?

  • Anonymous

    I think if we had a fireplace, my 2-year-old would have burnt our house down for SURE!

  • Candice Wright

    Hahahaha… I love when I come across pictures that actually make me laugh..