Blaming The Siblings …

Honey, blaming the siblings only works if you weren’t actually busted mid-crime.

Submitted by: Lisa-6



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  • makeet

    Hee hee, I love the storyboard! Mine do that, all 3 blame someone else. My 3 yo's standard response is that her big sister did it, even if said sister is at school.

  • Lithmire Designs

    My sister tried blaming me for spraying paint all over the shower curtain once. Of course, I was at school at the time so NICE TRY.

  • Natasha Compton

    When I was growing up it was always NotMe, Idontknow, and Ididntdoit. My mom always said that she must have had three more children that she didn't know about.

  • Anonymous

    oh ; by far my favorite! =] love it, he is absolutely adorable.

  • James Price

    Kids will always blame someone else even if caught doing it. My 20 yr old still does it.