Who Ate My Cake?

While I was waiting for my client to pick up their cake, my two-year old thought that those fondant balls looked mighty tasty…

Submitted by: designerjones



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  • Hweinert

    Honestly, this one has been keeping me up at night. What did you do? What did your client say?

  • Kimumphrey

    That wouldn't be too hard to fix… if you didn't have any more fondant, you could replace the balls with gummies.

    I did worse damage when I was a kid. My mother had just made 2 pumpkin pies (one for us and one for a church dinner). She went to answer the door, and when she came back, the pies looked… a little different! I had decided I liked pumpkin pie filling and had carved out some good handfuls! She used the pie with the most damage to fill the hole in the other one and covered it in whipped cream before taking it to the church. I still love pumpkin pie to this day! lol