Nail Polish + Carpet

…a few bottles of mommy’s nail polish & supplies as well as the carpet.

Submitted by: Sean



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  • Amanda Storrs

    Windex works wonders on getting nailpolish out of carpet. Sadly, I know from experience.

  • cerlphillips

    Oh I feel better. My son painted our carpet, dresser, nightstand oh yeah & himself with red nail polish.

  • makeet

    Oh gosh that scares me just looking at it. My youngest painted her whole hand and thing covering the cubby in the couch with bright red once. It sucks!!!!

  • momuf2

    Those boots are dang lucky they didn't get painted.

  • Betty

    ouch. I would have died!

  • lavinia

    My 2yo girl went out to the balcony to hide behind the fresh laundry and do her work on her nails (and hands, mounth, cheeks etc). Thankfully the laundry was lucky but to this day entire balcony is spotted with black nail polish (yep, to this day she still is a little gothic at heart 😛 )

  • nerwen_aldarion

    Yikes, that looks like the great big Nail Polish Massacre!

  • Natural Area Rugs

    I must say, you have this down to a science my friend.

  • Nita Bobita

    OUCH!  No bueno!

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