Nice Big Monitor

My daughter: Dahdeee!

Me: What is that!? AAAAAAAhhhhhhh!!!! WTF?!?! (commence uncontrollable sobbing and thumbsucking)

My Daughter: Nooooo

Submitted by: hellolaurendrew



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  • Tellin' it like it is

    Good, stay the hell away from the computer & maybe spend some time parenting & this wouldn't happen.

  • nerwen_aldarion

    ROFLOL I'm sure that was an accurate transcript

  • Joanne

    THIS is exactly why we are not replacing our out dated “tube” TV anytime soon! Not only ago our toddler, while being watched by his 16yr old sister, decided that he couldn't see CARS well enough and PULLED it out of the entertainment center!

  • Benjamin Kopicz

    Easy Fix-Nail Polish.