Diaper Explosion

hopefully you were not enjoying a snack at your computer while viewing this picture.  This outfit had to be cut off of him instead of pulled back over his head.  It’s a strange feeling, cutting an outfit off of a 3 month old.

Submitted by: l’armand family



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  • StarBright

    If I did that every time my kid's diapers exploded they would have none and I would be out thousands of dollars. You know that poop washes off babies and clothes right?

  • J_78_s

    trick here is un snap the outfit where ever there is a snap and roll the garmint up. as you are rolling it the clean fabric should cover the poop soaked part and you can pull it over the babies head. At wich time give the kids a bath. If the section on the fabric is wet rinse with hot water as soon as possible and then wash. Poop stains are the easier of baby stains to get out.

  • ShadowMoonstar

    And this is why they should hire infants and toddlers for NASA and other government jobs. Only babies and toddlers can DEFY Gravity with things that should otherwise not be able to do so!

  • http://masamage.livejournal.com/ Rachel S.

    What the. I'm with Starbright–why the heck would you cut it off? You're about to give him a bath anyway–who cares if it gets in his hair for 45 seconds?

    This happened to us at least twice a week until we switched to cloth.

  • PJ

    Sorry, Pops, you're kind of a pussy.

  • Irene

    au that's nothing dad, wait til the kid is big enough to put the poop in his/her mouth, (which babies will do, given the chance, (the oral stage)), and you have to dig it out of the childs mouth, no cuttin' corners there dad.

  • http://twitter.com/tamarlalenya tamar lalenya coln

    No need to cut off any clothes, especially since once baby starts moving around more scissors will become dangerous. I do the roll technique mentioned below but add in some wipes as I roll. Rinse with cold water, since hot water sets in stains, and my secret weapon is dish soap. Scrub with a little of that and the stain disappears. After that just launder in hot water to kill any remaining bacteria.

  • annoyed69

    This is why people should have to be licensed to have children. Maybe someone should cut off your head to remove the shit from your brains. Why in the hell would you cut the clothes off? and why would you think this is worthy of posting? Shit happens.

  • quicksilvernhs

    Why in the hell do people cut off clothes from infants that are simply dirty? Why throw them away?

    I CLOTH DIAPER!!! I WASH EVERYTHING MY SON POOPS ON!!! EVERYTHING!!! Get over it. Really. Its NOT that dramatic of a situation.

    PLUS—babies get dirty. It happens. It only gets worse. much worse. They are going to eventually have poop on their face and every other square inch of their little bodies. Thats life. And newborn clothes are easy to remove exactly for this purpose. I am sure that that outfit unsnaps at the crotch and could have been rolled off the baby without any fuss or bother if you weren't an a**hat.

  • Cortni

    Wow you guys are being really harsh. He is prolly a new dad. Wow.

  • Dina

    Thanks for the tips that rolling the garment up with a baby wipe is something I never thought of. No need to cut up the clothes.. I just stretch the neck out in that case and pull the outfit straight down but now I def will try the baby wipe trick.