RIP Bitty Baby

RIP dear sweet Bitty Baby….

Submitted by: Leslie



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  • kristinr

    Oh heck nawwwww lol. bitty babies are expensive!

  • Mara

    Luckily they have a clinic where you can send them and it is only half as expensive as buying a new one.

  • A. W.

    You can wash that off. My mom found me a Bitty Baby at a thrift store that had been scribbled on. She looks perfectly fine.

  • Joanne

    try Magic Eraser to get that ink off or 20 mule team borax

  • Dina

    Magic eraser if its water soluble if its permanent marker rubbing alcohol will take it right off. When nothing else works use hand sanitizer it works miracles especially on clothing stains!

  • Cindy Salvian Brown

    use acne cream and that comes right off, i use proactive and just took pink highlighter off bitty babys hands.