Paint + Bed

My son dumped paint all over his sheets, home-made blanket, pillow, bedframe, carpet, walls, himself, and all his favorite dinky cars.

Submitted by: Heidi



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  • cakemaster

    Looks my my house, only it was green paint. It's still in the carpet!

  • splatman

    Traffic Report: Major traffic jam on the Blanket Highway in Bedville, due to a spilled load of white paint. The mess has even caused a train wreck! Thanks for listening to SMKR Radio.

  • Clarisse Argolo

    omg i woul beat him

  • Dina

    Holy cow I have been looking thru the 43 pages of this site so far and YEP YOU WIN!!!! Whoa that is really bad. I hope you laughed at the time because wow a person could really sob over that. Thanks for posting this!

  • Miri

    Sometimes you have to just step back and think “Why?”