Dog Food Soup

Our dog’s food wasnt meant to be dry.

Submitted by: Ashley



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  • Lewis

    my goodness! So it's not just my kids that can't keep from making dog and cat food soup??

  • Its Wet

    you mean wet?

    • Michael

      No, It wasn't meant to stay dry.

  • Rebekah

    my daughter does this with the cat food!

  • ayj

    I think all of us with pets and kids also have experimental cooks, my kids do this as well, luckily our dog sees food in his water and just thinks of it as an added bonus for his day…

  • Kathy Cook

    I can remember doing this to our cat’s food as a kid. Luckily for all the parents reading this, I can still remember my logic: the kitty likes the soft, canned food we get her as a “treat”. Mommy says it’s because she is older and it’s getting harder for her to eat crunchy food. So, being the “helpful” little girl I was, I tossed it in the water bowl! Bonus? Princess wouldn’t have to walk to the different bowls! Food and water were in one spot!