Our Sex Life

Our sex life! haha!

Submitted by: welcometotour



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  • Anonny125

    That's why you have a kid in the first place! Haha!

  • Tellin' it like it is

    if you wanted to keep it, you should have done a better job at not getting knocked up in the first place.

  • Joanne

    Our 2yr old son will only sleep in the MIDDLE and his favorite thing to do is stick his little feet down his daddys back! The kid is a bed hog!!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/N5H5XD43JOXDN3CZRZAKLOTMDY Eddie

      Been there……still there 🙁

  • http://twitter.com/FlonkertonChamp Victoria in ATX

    but awwww… cuddling together.

  • Anonymous

    HA! Looks like my bed!

  • Anonymous

    Ha, looks like my bed!

  • http://www.facebook.com/david.alley2 David Alley

    Ah, the memories. 🙁 Miss sex with my wife so much, now we have a 3 month old sharing the bed with us.

  • Anonymous

    We would plead, OK, you put them to bed but Stay Awake!  Put baby to bed, Parent asleep, baby awake.  This is what we always used to dub “What’s Wrong With This Picture?” 

  • http://www.facebook.com/sdelosanne Sandra Delosanne

    I love the expression in the baby’s eye : “Gotcha!”

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/53IPUMICBBULZUCV4Z7TSZSRMY Etherial

    Got rid of the kid in the bed by telling her I had stomach flu and didn’t want her to catch it.  By the time I was better, she was trying again, so I played the headlice card by saying, ” No, I don’t want to get headlice if you get it, or me give it to you.” (I work in a preschool.)