Porsche + Garage Door Revisited

A few of you sent me this link, which I was already set to post.  Then a couple of days ago, I received the link again – this time from Mr. Peter Cheney, author of this piece and father of the son who crashed the $180,000 Porsche into the garage door.  Turns out a number of you suggested he send it to SMKR and I thank you!!

First and foremost, I am so happy his son is alright.  Secondly, LOL!  It certain puts some of my piddly damaged shit into perspective.  As it’s captioned on The Globe and Mail site, “Holy #!$@!!!$&*!!”

So thank you Kienen who sent it first, and all of you who followed.  And an especially huge thanks to Peter Cheney and family for their sense of humor.



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