Silas Is OSM

We sat for three days wondering what OSM stood for. Then we realized our 5 yr old son had meant to write “Silas is Awesome”. He is.

Submitted by: Lisa



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  • yahoo-PG67G76HJKCJW4HYPKQ63M2WAY

    Wow, it took you 5 days to realize what OSM was? I had that as soon as I looked at it. Are you 1st time parents? If so, no worries, it will magically just start to 'come to you'

    • raeann

      And how long will it take you to learn to read properly??? Time to look again, oh one of self righteous attitude………it would seem your comment was mainly intended to help you feel better about your own abysmal reading comprehension skills. Don't worry, one day it *may* magically come to you, although I do not hold out a lot of hope.

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  • raeann

    I think this is brilliant, cheers to your son for working this out. He is “osm” too!

  • splatman

    Minimalist spelling. Spelling with as few letters as needed. That is osm.

  • Me

    But what is Silas?

  • Bryan Hogan

    Silas is a name of a character of a fictional species called Shinlai

  • hillbabie

    I think his penmanship is osm!

  • LoneWolffe

    I now use this when i text. OSM!