My Oven Door

Among MANY other things, our son ruined my almost-new built-in stainless steel $2100 KitchenAid oven door.  He dropped it down to stand on it to see if we had any ramen noodle soup in the cabinet above the oven.  It was too much trouble to get the stepstool that lives next to the oven.  He would have had to turn around.  He’s a teenager and weighs almost as much as I do.  I’ve had the hinges fixed four times, but they won’t stay fixed.  Lucky for me, the garbage can is just the right height to hold the oven door shut.  And yes, the warmed-up garbage always add a little something extra to the smell of dinner cooking.

Submitted by: Kate



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  • Ms Demona

    I would make him buy me a new one… but that is just me…

  • Tellin' it like it is

    normally I would say that a teenager should know better, but when he has an idiot for a mother, I can't really fault him.

  • Zypher

    I'm still young enough to end up on this site if I did something (but one would like to think old enough NOT to do anything)…

    I'd agree with Demona. Were it my family, the child would be required to help pay.

  • EvilEmoKeyblade

    when i was reading this i honestly though he was 5.

  • Ilona Zakharyeva

    he is a teenager and he did this?? i understand a 3 year old , but a teen?

  • CDWilliams

    I say ground him, then make him get a job to pay for a new one!

  • Miri

    Oh he’d be grounded until the door was replaced. School and work that’s it and his paychecks would be mine! That wasn’t an accident that was pure teenage laziness. No excuse for that.