Phone Dunking

My Phone. Matilda at 2 developed a penchant for dunking phones. This happened not once, but 4 times! Once within hours of the replacement phone arriving. Lesson Learned: Make sure that your insurance covers mobile phones. PS: You can also see permanent maker ‘art’ on coffee table.

Submitted by: MyMuses



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  • Heather

    Worth a try: …I just read somewhere that if you drop your phone in water–you should remove the battery, and submerge both the phone and the battery in a bowl of dry uncooked rice for 24 hours. The rice is super absorbant and will suck up any moisture. Put battery back in, and phone should work!

  • Bryan Paschke

    might I suggest upgrading to a “milspec” aka “rugged” phone? My Quantico would have survived this.

  • CDWilliams

    Next time take out the battery and stick the phone into a bag of rice! The rice sucks up all the moisture. Most the time, good as new!