Sharpie On Leather

As if a baby wipe can tackle the sharpie marker on leather?

Submitted by: Helene



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  • Zypher

    Is that her trying to clean it up herself? Possibly both adorable and facepalm-worthy…

  • Taozi

    Not baby wipe, but rubbing alcohol straight from the jar removes sharpie marks from just about everything.

    Don't have kids, just had three brothers growing up. Why my mom kept sharpies within easy access of us, I will never know.

  • Sonali

    Points for trying…

  • torioreo

    Try magic eraser!!! I got pen marks off leather with it!!!

  • Rebecca Gowens

    try using “mr. clean sponges” they wourk great! I have pulled this one off 3 times this week alone….i just cant find where she has the rest hidden….I am sure she has plans for them….

  • Miri

    If you have to keep permanent markers in your house I say tape them to your ceiling fan blades. That’s just about the only place a kid can’t get to!!!!

  • Christine Musich

    “Quick!  Clean it up before MOM see’s it!”