Toy Train + Microwave

My kids are over-achievers. They can take out a toy train AND a microwave at the same time. Notice the black soot at the top from the fire? And the one wheel that got blown off laying back there in the background? That’s what happens when metal, magnets, and microwaves combine forces.

Submitted by Jilly



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  • ladybug2214

    my friends little brothers put the tv remote, the cordless phone and the stereo remote in the microwave.

  • Kyle Kendrix

    If you still have the microwave I have fixed 3-4 I got at garage sells just remove the outer case with the microwave unplugged and look for a fuse dont touch anything else but a lot of times the fuse blows to prevent a fire or explosion things along those lines from most Ive found just pop in a new fuse and its good to go if not what have you lost 20 minutes

  • Kristy Carkner

    metal keychain and a DVD for 3 minutes. stupid thing still works, just cleaned it up (a package of baby wipes later)

  • Alison H

    I’m guessing they won’t replace that one for free!!

  • Miri

    You’d think with all the microwave meltdowns they could invent a microwave with a safety lock of some sort.