My Laptop (Thanks Hubby)

I blame my husband for this really.  I mean, who lets a two year old watch a movie unsupervised on his wife’s laptop so he can still watch the game!?  Come on!

Submitted by: Arlene



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  • brn2brkeven

    My daughter did the same thing, same model laptop. It must be something about that kind of laptop, kids just have to destroy it. Someone else has a pic of the same type laptop.

  • Alexander Loomis

    I let my 2yold watch movies on my laptop…glad he has never tried to remove the keys!

  • sarahc

    I got to be an EXPERT at replacing the keyboards– $10 on ebay and 5 kid free minutes

  • necessario69

    I'm on keyboard #3 ON THE SAME LAPTOP as shown….by the way, I have an extra keyboard just in case!

  • bigolhairyape

    who lets a husband unsupervised watch a child with a game on? NOT his fault.

  • Rachel Bortz

    My laptop looks exactly like this! However that's because 3 yr twin boys took turns bashing it with a plastic shovel while Mommy attempted to use the bathroom. I haven't been able to afford a new one so I've just learned where all the keys are and type like that…


  • Kyle Kendrix

    Just get a small plug in keyboard they make them real small up to full size I.E. desktop keyboard I carry one on travels just so I can put the keyboard in my lap and not my laptop in my lap things get way to hot

  • SillyJessi

    OMG I have the “same laptop / kids did same thing to it” story too. I got a $20 repair done at a computer place, they replaced the keyboard pad or whatever.

    I remember mine took the A, Backspace, Space, and Enter key among others. (“the best ones”)

  • Michael

    Had the same laptop. No kid did it. The dang keys kept falling off though. Thought hard and ordered a new keyboard off e-Bay and a key board protector for said laptop. now the keys stay in place and it's ok when my son drops his cup of juice on the keyboard too.

  • Bryan Paschke

    no kids (and after reading this site, maybe never any kids), but I have a cockatiel who likes the taste of laptop keys….I, too, am a member of the keyboard of the month club.