Acetone + Brand New $1000 Kitchen Table

It took 2 seconds for my 10 year/old and the acetone to do this to my brand new $1000 kitchen table.

Submitted by: Chris



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  • bigolhairyape

    You paid $1000 for a stained plywood table? You are dumber than your kid…

  • Acetone Kid

    I did the exact same thing when i was younger but it was the new ping pong table and acetone

  • Matt

    I was going to comment that you paid 1000$ for plywood and some did…the fact that the acetone didn't curtle the play proves one thing; its good plywood. One question though, acetone removes skin. Why is acetone available to kids?

    • Miri

      They use Acetone as an ingredient in nail polish remover. It does not remove your skin. It’s dangerous to swallow though. I don’t understand why people post comments without knowing what they are talking about.

      And it’s rude to comment on someone’s kitchen table like that. They didn’t post that picture to be insulted by you or anyone else.

  • TW

    I think it must be extremely difficult to plan how to prevent everything a kid might do. However, I would think a table that cost that much would come layered in some precious metal that would ignore acetone.