Milk, Pepsi, Eggs and Floor

One gallon of milk, 2 liter of pepsi and a dozen eggs.

Submitted by: Shiona



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  • beclea143

    I feel for ya there. I went through 36 eggs in 2 days. 18 got thrown in the kitchen, I went and bought some more to wake up the next morning and find my 2 yr old playing with an empty egg carton. Took a lot of convincing to get my 3 yr old to confess that he threw them all in the far back corner of the storage room. It took a while to get back there to clean it out-and man did it start stinking! Knowing the answer-I asked him why he did it, did he drop them, or did he throw them because it was fun. Well, at least he was honest-he said it was fun…lol

  • momuf2

    Woke up one morning to find my 3 yr old daughter breaking eggs over my 18 month old son's head..and pouring sugar and corn syrup on top of that!! NOT a good way to start the day! I knew I wasn't the only parent out there who's kids have done this!!

  • Alexander Loomis

    My son got the eggs out of the kitchen while I was cooking. Husband came in to the living room to ask what the yellow stuff was on the table. took us awhile to figure out he had cracked eggs all over his play table and was having his guys “swim”. He did throw the shells away though. Like a good boy.