5 Minutes In The Playroom

5 minutes in the playroom at a friend’s house.  This was our first visit, and we didn’t really know them that well.

Submitted by: Chris



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  • alysiara

    Ugh, lol, ya time to go back in and have some coffee while they fix that, lol had to do that many a time. “we were going to leave BUT…”

  • Miri

    5 minutes to trash a play room $0
    50 minutes to clean it up $0
    Wrecking a first impression…priceless

  • Doctorwhofan

    Hope you cleaned it up before you left. I would be furious if someone’s kids made such a mess and dashed instead of cleaning it. It’s just proper manners and respect to other people’s belongings. THAT is how you get the wanted impression back.