Thank You

The past couple of weeks, and especially the past few days, have been thrilling.  Thank you SO much for checking out Shit My Kids Ruined.  I started this blog 2 months ago to try to amuse family, friends, and at most, friends of friends.  So, to the thousands and thousands of unexpected visitors, I bid you a hearty welcome.

To the websites who featured  Are you kidding me??  That was the most unbelievable, coolest thing you could have done.  Thank you.  I mean it.

So wow.  I hope the site makes you both laugh and cringe.  All of this, of course,  is meant in good fun. Like all the people submitting photos, I adore my kids.  But I freakin’ hate how they ruin all my shit.  This site is as simple as that.

If you’re a parent I hope you identify and laugh, and feel just a little bit better that others are going through it, too.  And if you’re child-free, I hope you enjoy laughing at the miserable things some of our kids have done, and cherish being free from this particular brand of crap. Anyone here to laugh is welcome.

I’m so happy you’re here and I hope you’ll bear with me as I learn what the hell I am doing.

With sincere thanks, SMKR

PS – The only unwelcome types are those who are here to be mean or judgmental or offer a parenting critique.  This is not the place for you.



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