My White Shirt

Ruined my white shirt.

Submitted by: Christi

SMKR Note: This is one of those gems in the file of Shit They Don’t Tell You Before Kids.  Those mustard diaper blowouts are un-freakin’-believable.



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  • momuf2

    Ah haha..thankfully my kids only seemed to do those when I was grocery shopping and my ex had them….

  • quicksilvernhs

    Cloth diaper and breastfeed your next kid. I almost never had blowouts and when I did, breastmilk poo doesn't stain nearly as badly as formula poo (breastmilk itself won't stain either…formula will…FOREVER).

    And, just so you know, baking soda and white vinegar take the stains right out. Seriously.

  • Jenni Smith

    My friend had just had a baby. I was over visiting and she wanted to get a few things done around the house. The baby needed a diaper change, so I volunteered. Next thing I knew, the kid was squirtin’ out the ol’ yellow mustard poop. I only had a half-a-second to react. My solution: cup my hands and catch newborn baby shit coming out her ass so it didn’t ruin my friend’s $2000 couch. It’s one thing if it’s your own kid’s shit, but totally different ball game when it’s not! YUCK!

    She was so grateful I saved the couch. I figured it was way easier for me to wash my hands… what a good friend!

  • C

    Oh man.. changed one of those today. By far for one of my babies, BFing poop even though much less foul smelling but sweet that is the kinda poop we get.

    Btw, with the new Oxyclean baby detergent Formula doesn’t stain now either. I use it to wash my cloth diaper covers. We used to cloth, now with “exploding poop baby” we actually use disposables with added cloth covers!

    IF you have more than one baby @ a time, get a cloth diaper service. Let them deal with all the poop. Whamies bags keep the stink in, thankfully!