Giant Stuffed Banana

This would be my son and his giant stuffed banana.  he felt the need to rip it open then drive big bulldozers thru the stuffing.  try cleaning that up!  sticks to everything.  can’t say he isn’t creative though.

Submitted by: Jess



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  • Heather12177

    My parents love to tell the story of the giant bean bag chair I decided I had to unstuff when I was 4. It had a double zipper and I undid both of them and then dumped as much of the stuffing out as I could. My mother swears that the current owners of the house must still be finding styrofoam balls almost 30 years later

  • Lyndia Draper

    Oh my gosh my son did the same exact thing except his was a pillow with those beads in it. He even used the same bulldozer to move it around. Even worse was that I couldn’t vacuum it up because it was so staticky that it kept sticking to the vacuum.

  • Miri

    My friend and I cut the heads off of stuffed animals with scissors once apparently to “get the clouds out” Stuffing=Clouds