Baby Powder

He keeps getting the damn baby powder!!!!

Submitted by: Lindsey



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  • Jennifer

    The part I love about this picture is that there is no roll of TP in the dispenser but it is sitting on the sink. I think this is the only way TP is suppossed to be used during the child-rearing years. Keep up the good work. The powder thing will pass and like my children yours will find more creative ways to ruin crap as they get older.

  • Shawn Sullivan

    I love this pic! ‘specially the ‘oh!’ look on h is face with the hands… i’ve got a 9 month old, you’re all scaring me with what may be coming! :O

  • C

    Oh I am so glad I am not alone. (man I feel for you Lindsey!) Mine did it in his bedroom, drawers and all.. and of course didn’t miss the baby brothers dresser, storage bins under the bed or his other triplet siblings rooms. Yea. That day mommy enjoyed her own time out.