The Poop-Free Door

Yes, this is exactly what it looks like. My son finger painted with his poop. This can’t be normal.

Submitted by: Lucy



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  • Music4fusion

    my son does this!!!! i cant stand it

  • Angel

    i have yet to meet a family what has not had one of these incidents. for some reason, diapers and poop are extremely fun to play with… unfortunately.

    • Anonymous

      I must be one of the lucky few then because my kids both think poo is disgusting and wont go near it so we have never had poo paint. Just hope my 2yr old boy doesn’t develop into a poo painter as he gets older.

  • beclea143

    I defiantly feel for you. My boys thought it was great to paint with poop. The 3 yr old would even show me his hand prints and foot prints. He was very proud of a 'boat' he painted. Fought this for a couple months. Now I keep chalk in their room. They can draw all over, it easily washes off and no smell.

  • momuf2

    I can't even begin to tell ya'll how many times I've had to clean poop off the walls….thankfully they're potty trained now 😀

  • Alexander Loomis

    My son got in by closet and painted…everything. Totally normal I am afraid.

  • your real name

    When my brother was three years old, he pooped all over the floor. He then took his toy trucks and cars… and made tracks… everywhere in his bedroom. On two separate occasions.

  • emilyrose78

    Yep. My daughter does this ALL the time. I've thought about duct taping the top of her diaper so she can't get into it

  • chelsie

    i followed poopy footprints down the hallway. my two-year-old son was making “poop angels” (similar to snow angels, but made in poop) on his bedroom floor. thank God for hardwood floors.

  • Megariffic

    Thankfully I've never had to deal with the poo-painting. Probably due to the fact that I'm EXTREMELY OCD and tend to overreact to even small messes. I'm working on relaxing though! 🙂

  • Jenni Smith

    Boy did my husband laugh the first time my son “painted with poo.” My thoughts, not so funny. When I was pregnant with my second child, this happened again. Being that my hormones were all a rage and my sense of smell through the roof, I just opened the bedroom window and shut the door. Husband didn’t laugh when he got home and saw I’d saved this “hilarious” work of art… for him.

  • Wendy McKlemurry King

    Been there! Actually, a few times!

  • Joni

    My kids are 11 months apart and when they were 1 and 2 I cleaned up huge messes just like this every morning!

  • Anonymous

    It is normal!! at least once or twice a week I get to clean the poo art off of the back of the toilet seat!!

  • Kathleen Marie

    My parents called it “Finger Painting” I was mortified when I went to Kindergarten in the Catholic School and was told we would be finger painting. I ended up in the nurses office, freaking out and crying. Yeah, Mom had a wonderful time explaining that to the Nun.