Library Book

My toddler likes to read…and destroy.  This library book didn’t last even 3 minutes in our house. Now I have to figure out whether to buy a replacement or tape this one up and send it back.  See, my kids even ruin my moral compass.

Submitted by: Jess



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  • brn2brkeven

    Tape it.

  • Alexander Loomis

    At our library when my son ripped a book and I asked them if I could replace it they taped it for me and told me it was expected. Unless a child is rampaging through the library ripping books in half they don't make parents pay for it.

  • av3ry

    I know I’m a bit late on this, but I work for several libraries, and comments on this entry, and your comments on your submission piss me off. DO NOT TAPE IT. Never, ever, ever try to self-repair a library book. They have book menders for stuff like that. Return it to the front desk and tell them what happened. They will tape it. Unfortunately libraries are used to repairing things like this, so they’re better at it than you are. They also have better tape.

    And unlike what Alexander said, many libraries WILL make you pay for it. Parents are not exempt just because it’s ‘expected.’ Watch your fucking kids with stuff THAT IS NOT YOURS.

    The ripped pages on that book look so badly damaged that I know for a fact none of my places of employment would simply accept that and just tape it. They would charge you the full price of the book for it.

    DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CHILDREN UNATTENDED WITH LIBRARY BOOKS. You need to teach them that these things are NOT theirs, and that other kids will be reading them after they do. Ask them how they’d feel if the book they got was full of tape, or drawings, or worse. I see so much material at work ruined because parents let their kids play with our stuff like they’re toys. Whether it’s books or DVDs (and their cases and covers).

    • Dick Phillips

      thank you for the adult lecture, ms perfect librarian….now stop yelling.

      • av3ry

        This is something I have to deal with at work all the time. It’s a bit of a pet peeve. I think I’m allowed a bit of a rant every now and then.

    • jenn rawlines

      Accidents do happens you know…Glad to know that you have eyes in the back of your head..but sadly the rest of us moms DO NOT.

      • av3ry

        They do. I understand that. Libraries understand that. However, you still need to take responsibility for it. If your kid breaks something in a store, you’ll be expected to pay for it. If you get into a car accident and it’s your fault, you and your insurance will have to pay for that. Your kid rips a library book? Tell them, and then be prepared to take responsibility for it. It’s the same with library fines. You return stuff late, you have to pay them!

  • Anonymous

    Accidents do happen especially around toddlers. However I think it is important to take it back to the library with your toddler in tow and explain what happened and offer to pay for it. Not only would you be doing the right thing but you are also teaching the toddler to do the right thing. They might seem to young to understand, but it is amazing how much stuff they take in and its never to early to start teaching them to be responsible by following your lead.