Any Chance I'll Finish The Laundry … Ever

SMKR’s kids have ruined any chance I’ll actually “finish” the laundry.  Ever.  

Submitted by: ME

SMKR NOTE:  Happy to report I’ve gotten through two-thirds of it, and my children will not wear pajama pants to school even once this week.  Also, my 5T child will not have to wear 2T underwear.



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  • Gord Pratt

    Thanks for sharing. That actually looks like MY laundry room, so I appreciate the affirmation that WE ARE NOT ALONE IN THE MADNESS

  • Virginia Asbury Callahan

    I’ve told everyone, if I ever go on a “rampage” it will be because of the laundry.

  • David Alley

    I can do all that in about 3 hours, no sweat.

  • Kathy Cook

    The last time ours got this bad, I sent the kids to grandma’s and when they came back about 3 garbage bags full of clothes had “disappeared” from our house. Too-smalls went to friends who needed them, and the rest was worn, ugly, super-stained, and in the dumpster!

  • Benjamin Kopicz

    That is when i go to the Laundry Mat at 12 am…