My Breasts

Three kids later and my breasts are RUINED!!  They were real, and they were SPECTACULAR!!

Submitted by: Rosie



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  • Cesar

    Im sure your husband still loves them!

  • Laura West

    Pregnancy ruins breasts; not breastfeeding!!

  • Victoria in ATX

    but nourishing your child, the way your breasts were meant to be used, is so great. and that's a beautiful picture.

  • NancyD

    Beautiful beautiful sight to see a baby nurse… I still nurse my baby and it's almost time to wean ,,, so sad.. lovely baby … God bless

  • Sonya Patterson

    I must say, I am a breastfeeding mom and love my close relationship with my son as a result. But I too LOVED my breasts before pregnancy and miss them. Oh well.