Missing Keys

Take a five minute break from SMKR and this is what two 3 year olds do to my laptop. Thanks guys, now to find the last 4 missing keys……….

Submitted by: Donna

SMKR Note: We LOVE that you were on the SMKR Facebook page, Donna!



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  • http://twitter.com/mrssunderland Jen

    Well.. I have your laptops twin. Except mine was mutilated by my 20 month old daughter. Never did figure out what she used to pop off the keys =) BUT I'm down to only 1 missing key!! woohoo!

  • http://www.facebook.com/kelsiegayle Kelsie Fink

    Yeahh… That happened to my brother. His nephews were “playing” with it and popped off all the important buttons. lol