Matchbox in the Toaster

Matchbox in the toaster oven

He, the little guy, wanted to see if it fit in the toaster slot … it did.

Submitted by: Sara

TV or Piñata?


The other morning while my sister in law was in the shower, my 5 year-old nephew took a stick to the TV and beat it until it completely broke, as evidenced by the above picture. This act was so out of character for him and I couldn’t figure out why he would do this.

It wasn’t until I asked what he was watching at the time that it all became very clear. He’d been watching “Curious George’s Birthday” which is all about a piñata, and I guess he just wanted to join in on the fun, not thinking that it would actually break the TV.  He had just hit a piñata over the weekend for a birthday party, so I guess it was just a little too fresh in his mind.

Submitted by: Holly

Grandpa’s Birthday Cake

“Hey honey, look at the cake I made for Dad’s birthday…ARGH! WHO TOUCHED THE CAKE?”

At least it was only Grandpa’s cake and not a customer’s!

Submitted by: Brittany