Mommy was “RED”

Our two year old managed to destroy the carpet, TV, tables, pillow, cable box and the dog in the time it took me to load the dishwasher.


Unicorn Poop

One of my long forgotten attempts at being a “crafty Mom” showed up a couple weeks ago, dumped in a pile on the dining room floor topped with glue.

In this moment of exasperation over yet another unnecessary and ridiculous mess to clean up, and even though I knew what the pile was, I yelled out, “what the hell is this mess?!”

A few seconds later my two boys came running into the dinning room. Both had on their best innocent faces, and my six year old casually replied, “Well, Mom. I’m not sure, but I think that looks like unicorn poop.”

It’s been nearly three weeks, I can tell you that I’ll be reminded for years to come of this mess (about a measuring cup of glitter) because no matter what I do, I’m still finding glitter everywhere. It’s on my feet, it’s on my clothes, and even been seen on the my daughter’s ass when I change her diaper. We’ve found it inside of books, in the kid’s hair and I found some today on my baked potato. Apparently, glitter stays in the environment forever…and ever.

Submitted by: Susan/Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva

The Bear’s Dignity


My oldest(4) was in time-out in his bedroom for an earlier offense. Little did I know my 2 year-old snuck in to visit him. Together, they decided to powder not only the bear’s bottom, but the entire bedroom. You can see the poor bear in the lower left with his britches pulled down. Thank goodness for the vacuum cleaner!

Submitted by: Adrean