Late Night Finger Painting


Last night my darling 4 and 5 yr old kids decided to finger paint while the hubby and I watched some tv. I had already put the in their separate rooms and they sleep upstairs so you would think we would have heard one of them come downstairs and go into the kitchen to get my cake decorating set out of the cabinet and painted my son’s bedroom wall and closet. Yes folks that is food coloring gel for tinting icing not finger paint. Needless to say they lost all of their toys till they start acting right.



Submitted by: Liberty F.

My Formerly Clean House

My formerly clean house

Submitted by: Jenny

Nothing Ruined But the Better Part of a Saturday Morning..

“Gee honey, isn’t it great that S is old enough to entertain herself for awhile??”

Quiet is NEVER good.

Submitted by: Rebecca F.