Library Book

My toddler likes to read…and destroy.  This library book didn’t last even 3 minutes in our house. Now I have to figure out whether to buy a replacement or tape this one up and send it back.  See, my kids even ruin my moral compass.

Submitted by: Jess

While I Worked from Home

Long story short. No sitter, working from home, my 3 year old (Kaitlyn) comes into the office saying “Sara got the sun cream!” My 1.5 year old had gotten into her diaper bag. As you can see she is WELL protected on %50 of her body. I guess she wanted to take the kitten outside with her as she managed a good amount on the cat’s face as well as herself, the floor, her favorite toy, a random toy bag, the bathroom door, more floor, the tub a few towels and a wash cloth. The cat will not come near people at the moment, this is the only picture I could get before it went into hiding.

As for Kaitlyn (not pictured) she managed to get into Petroleum jelly not once but twice in two days, and the next day jumped into a large puddle of motor oil as if it where a mud puddle. It hadn’t rained in weeks.

Bathroom Boredom


You’re looking at our wonderful bathroom wall border that my 4yr old decided she didn’t like. I was wondering why she was taking so long in there when I walked in to find this! Note to self: do not place wallpaper at eye level conveniently next to the toilet!!

Submitted by: Lisa K.