Our Fish

My 3 year old thought our fish would enjoy an entire container of black pepper for breakfast!
Submitted by: Sarah

Jean Butt Pie Anyone?

Thanksgiving day and the pumpkin pie was cooling on the counter. Our 3 yr old decided to climb up onto the counter to get in the cupboard and slipped and landed butt first into the pie. He wasn’t hurt, and after I peeled off his jeans, I tried to smoosh the pie flat again with the back of a buttered spoon. We’re going to eat it anyway!

Smurf Murder Scene!


No, that’s not a smurf murder scene. The boy got into fingernail polish (blue AND green) and decided to paint the house during nap time (apparently mom and dad were the only ones napping). The bathroom took the worst.  But there was also polish on the hall walls and light switches, the (hardwood) living room floor, the entertainment center, dog crate, bookshelf, the kitchen floor/table/wall/window, and all over the boy himself. Five hours–and two bottles of acetone nail polish remover later–we had it cleaned up. Ugghh!

Submitted by: Babbling Boy