Giant Stuffed Banana

This would be my son and his giant stuffed banana.  he felt the need to rip it open then drive big bulldozers thru the stuffing.  try cleaning that up!  sticks to everything.  can’t say he isn’t creative though.

Submitted by: Jess

DVD Nightmare!

2012-02-15 12.33.52

We used to boast a huge DVD collection. The cases are missing DVD’s and games and the DVD’s are missing cases. Note the scratches on the DVD’s, this is on every single disk. This started after child number 2. I now have 3 children. I wish I knew about this site years ago. I have hundreds of stories

2012-02-15 12.34.12

Submitted by: Tracy B.

Doritos Man

My 2 year-old decided this was the best way to eat the Doritos while I was attempting to shower. Little did I know that the hubby had left out the bag from the night before and that our son would find it and make this mess…BOYS!