She said she needed it because her lips were dry…

One of my three year old twins decide to experiment on her own with Vaseline’s moisturizing properties for her chapped lips…and face. Of course, this was the ONE time that her sister didn’t tattle, however the non-moisturized twin did let me know afterwards that, “I told her, ‘That’s too much! You better stop!’, but she didn’t listen to me!”

Cry Over Spilled Milk

Yes, this is an entire gallon of milk.

And yes, I did have to take off the baseboards in the kitchen to get it all cleaned up.

And yes, I now pour my 7 year olds milk if the gallon is more than 1/4 full!

Typical Friday night…

In two hours: Connect Four checkers melted into the living room wall sconce.

Cell phone car adapter in three pieces.

Broom fighting breaks the ceiling fan light by the bay window. While cleaning up the broken glass, 7 year old resumes broom fighting while 6 year old not lookng. Trip to ER.

And they wanted ice cream on the way home. Typical Friday night in my house…