A Clean Dryer?


I was in folding laundry when my 5 year old at the time decided he wanted to help! A whole container of soap in the dryer was apparently the way he wanted to help! Did I mention the dryer was only 2 weeks old!

Submitted by: Holli

The Bear’s Dignity


My oldest(4) was in time-out in his bedroom for an earlier offense. Little did I know my 2 year-old snuck in to visit him. Together, they decided to powder not only the bear’s bottom, but the entire bedroom. You can see the poor bear in the lower left with his britches pulled down. Thank goodness for the vacuum cleaner!

Submitted by: Adrean

But it Smelled Like Shampoo!


James loves yogurt, but apparently this peach YoPlait smelled too much like the shampoo I had just bought…

Submitted by: Carmen