Oh Sweet Jeebus

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“Hmm, N is pretty quiet. Do you think he’s up to anything?”

A new box of powdered sugar dumped on the table, chairs, floor, stove, counters, in the toaster, through the entire downstairs, up the stairs, through the bedroom, in their hair, covering their clothes. The air tasted sweet, there were clouds of the stuff. It took 2 hours to bathe the kids and clean up all of the sticky powdery mess!

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Submitted by: Skye

Our family Santa photo

All the kids

My daughter’s Stranger Danger came through when we tried to get a Santa photo with all the cousins. The best part is that her twin brother was just fine right up until the picture was taken and then he decided it wouldn’t be fun to let her have all the fun. As a result of all these histrionics – all the kids and Santa are a *tad* distracted.

Submitted by: Valerie

It "Was" A Cool Lamp

It *was* a cool lamp!

Submitted by: Keith