Acupuncture Guy

Acupuncture has survived for over 3000 years, this guy survived 4 years of acupuncture school but not the “loving” hands of my kids.

Submitted by: Andrea

My afternoon of school work and her hair!


My three year old Daughter decided to make a toilet seat necklace. She rather enjoyed it until I couldn’t get it off her without screams of “DON’T PULL MY HEAD OFF MAMA! MY HEAD! NooOOOooOOoo”. I can’t even bring myself to share what I had to use to get it off only that it is safely back in the parental draws under the name “Erm… Magic Slippy Goop..?” For the benefit of the rather panicked yet amused eight year old watching it all unfold.



Submitted by: Chrissy

Newborn’s eye


Our two year old was very excited to meet his new sister. Baby! Baby!

Submitted by: ross