'Nuf Said


Submitted by: James

Giant Stuffed Banana

This would be my son and his giant stuffed banana.  he felt the need to rip it open then drive big bulldozers thru the stuffing.  try cleaning that up!  sticks to everything.  can’t say he isn’t creative though.

Submitted by: Jess

Splendidly Clean Floors

In a haste to make it out the door to a step class at the gym I left my 3 kids alone for maybe 5 minutes to get my gym clothes on. Imagine my disdain when I came out of the hall to find my floors(which I had only steam sharked 20 minutes prior)coated in a whole bag of baking Splenda. Now as the mother of 3 with a deployed husband, my floors do not get mopped very often. Anyhow according to the 5 year old the 2 year old did it but it was the 5 year old I found rolling and making Splenda angels…

** Note the doll looking object is my 3 month old. Luckily he was with me and avoided getting blamed for the crime.