Parenting Tip #462


NEVER leave your boys unattended for >45 seconds!
“All set for our open house?”
“Yes dear – where are the boys?”
“Uh…I thought they were with you…”

Submitted by: Scott S.

The Desitwins

The Desitin Twins!

Submitted by: Steve

SMKR Note: Desitwin powers activate!  Form of a greasy toddler, shape of another greasy toddler.  And wait, is the child on the right holding Gleek?!!


In honor of Mothers’ day, I’m raising a glass to all fellow mamas in Parentland. I salute you.

Also in honor of Mothers’ day, I raise a glass to all you shit-ruining kids in Childland.  Despite the crap you destroy and the incredibly creative ways you find to piss us off, we think you’re pretty damn great.  Mostly.  Just please stay away from our shit, ok? 

Happy Mothers’ Day.

Love, SMKR