Where did all the toilet paper go?


Just when we thought there couldn’t be anything else she could get into our little one proved us wrong. It’s a good thing she is so cute, even with 2 ply in her mouth.

Submitted by: Alls Family

My Reputation

My Reputation.  My Oldest Brought This Home For A Mother’s Day Present..Each Page Mentions Something Mom And I Do….

This Is SUPPOSED To Say “Rock” (I Asked Him, He Said Rock, Like Paper Rock Scissors).CLEARLY It Doesn’t…LOL

Submitted by: Amber

You Left the Food Coloring Out.


I made colored crepes with my kids this weekend, and returned to work on Monday. I promptly got a text from my husband Monday AM with these pictures and the statement, “You didn’t put the food coloring back after the crepes.”

All of the colors but red came out of both skin and wood floor.

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Submitted by: Megan Griffin