My White Shirt

Ruined my white shirt.

Submitted by: Christi

SMKR Note: This is one of those gems in the file of Shit They Don’t Tell You Before Kids.  Those mustard diaper blowouts are un-freakin’-believable.

Door Lock

Thanks for removing that pesky locking mechanism from the front door, kids.  Locking our door was totally overrated.

Submitted by: Jerritt

SMKR Is Dangerous

SMKR is dangerous.  I just found this site and was reading it while my kid was getting herself and a friend snacks in the kitchen.  My kid is nine and very responsible.  She was a wildly destructive toddler though and I was indulging in a little schadenfreude-y gloating (“whew, sure glad those days are over!”) when she came in the room and told me she’d just broken a plate.  (Not a cheap one either.)  Dammit!

Submitted by: Jenna