The Martha Stewart GLITTER Destruction

Was up late the night before with a sickness that’s going around. So after deciding to sleep in, my almost 4 year-old granddaughter decided differently. She would rather dump almost $100.00 in Martha Stewart Glitters in to one big pile in my bedroom floor. Everything I own is covered in Glitter, the house, my room, even the darn dogs are covered in glitter….. She told me when I asked her what this mess was, “I made Bad Bad Choices, Grandma it will be ok.” It’s hard to whoop the butt of someone so sweet, even with the smell of destruction lingering in the air.

Submitted by: Christina S.

2 Year-Old Buys $245 Worth of Lobster

Maine Lobster

On vacation with my family, we stopped at a random store to get some things. After hours in the car, my two year old son was being a devil, so to calm him down, I let him play some games on my iPhone. I handed it to him, he unlocked it, and hit the first button he saw. I grabbed the phone back right as it said “Thank you! Your Groupon will be available shortly!”.

Oh crap! I was just praying it was something cheap and usable. Nope! It was $245 worth of Maine Lobster by mail! It charged my card $85 and debited $20 in Groupon Credit.

LUCKILY, even on a Sunday, the customer service at Groupon was phenomenal, and gave me a refund a few hours later, but not without poking fun at me a bit first. My wife was not impressed with this whole situation.

Submitted by: Bob

Yummy Plants

She won’t eat many vegetables, but apparently has an appetite for plants.

Submitted by: Jess