Before And After My Kids


Submitted by: Devita

TV stand, TV, PS3, Cablebox..all in 1.


Thought it’d be a good idea to let the 8 and 9 year old play the PS3 in the basement while I did a little cleaning upstairs. I was wrong. That used to be an entertainment center with the PS3 and cable box on top. Now it’s a TV stand to a broken 50″ TV. PS3 is also kaput due to the fall. Luckily, the TV at least has insurance.

Submitted by: Kim Connelly

What Did You Do With My Phone?

Me “What did you do with my phone?” Him (15 months) ”Buuuhhh. Buuuhhh” Me “Where the hell is my phone?” Him (points to Buzz Lightyear) and yells “Buuuzzz” then walks off. Two complete pieces…AT&T can’t recover any pics or contacts.

Submitted by: Yumi