Facebook Caption Contest!


“meanwhile, at Charlie Sheen’s house…” submitted by: Patrick – 73 votes

“Pair of scissors: $1.27. Collection of 38 barbie dolls: $253.97. Realizing you won’t be able to pass them down to the next kid and have to buy more of these little bitches — PRICELESS.” submitted by: Angie – 57 votes

‎”Sweeney Toddler: The Demon Barber” submitted by: Gretchen- 53 votes

“‎1st rule of Barbie Fight Club-don’t talk about Barbie Fight Club. 2nd rule of Barbie Fight Club-DON’T TALK ABOUT BARBIE FIGHT CLUB!” submitted by: Jaycee – 37 votes

‎”and that’s when I realized I should sleep with one eye open” submitted by: Bridgette – 33 votes

Booby Trap

My path to their bedrooms. I’d have to be as limber as Catherine Zeta Jones in “Entrapment” to make it through this booby trap!

Irony at its finest

I brought my new book to a Thanksgiving party with my friends. The next day at leat FIVE of the guests had a nice litte vomit inducing gastrointestinal bug complements of the baby. Apparently he is a fast learner.