16 month-old boy manages to reverse cell phone text


Let your kid hold your cell phone to keep him quiet and he will do this … all text is reversed and must now be read in a mirror. Removing the battery does not fix the problem. The boy clearly possesses some evil electronic superpower.

Submitted by: Brian A.


After eating pizza at the computer, I left the dipping cup where my two year old could reach it. When she came wandering upstairs ten minutes later covered in sauce from head to toe, I thought that was the worst of the damage. I failed to notice the sauce trail up the stairs leading back to the computer for another twenty minutes. After popping every single key off the keyboard and cleaning with q-tips, the keyboard works again.

Submitted by: Janel

Halloween Cupcakes

The cupcakes my daughter was supposed to bring to her preschool Halloween party, after swinging the bag around while waiting for the bus.

Submitted by: Tracy via Facebook