Tipped Off By Grunting

they were quietly playing with books. there was no crash, no shrieks, just normal book-looking noises. i looked up when i heard my 3 year old grunting. he was trying to put the bookshelf back together.

Submitted by: Hannah

Missing Keys

Take a five minute break from SMKR and this is what two 3 year olds do to my laptop. Thanks guys, now to find the last 4 missing keys……….

Submitted by: Donna

SMKR Note: We LOVE that you were on the SMKR Facebook page, Donna!

Paint anyone?


I had just scraped up enough money to buy a $30.00 gallon of paint to paint my living room when M decided, he doesn’t like that color! And knocked it off the table onto my FRESHLY shampooed carpets!

Submitted by: Kori