Marker + Toilet Seat

I was both happy AND angry. My four year old’s first landscape was awesome. But the awesomeness does not wash off. The term “washable” on the markers, does not apply to toilet seats.

Submitted by: heartswell

Mommy was “RED”

Our two year old managed to destroy the carpet, TV, tables, pillow, cable box and the dog in the time it took me to load the dishwasher.


Floor AND Ceiling – Oh My!!

4 year old told me she “broke the toilet.”   She left the toilet overflowing for several minutes. We’re talking gallons and gallons AND gallons of water! The picture doesn’t even do it justice.  Then I heard the 6 year old yelling downstairs, “Mom is not going to like this!” I hurried downstairs to see a waterfall coming out of the light fixture in the nook and 1 year old having a grand old time playing in it. The real kicker was when water started coming out of the smoke detector (across the living room) and I got a nice little electric shock trying to disconnect it.  Water pooled up in the ceiling. I had to puncture it to allow the water to drain.