His Car, My Sanity…….


He’d had this car for less than two months!! All 3 boys who were in the car walked away, no injuries. Mom had nightmares and heart trouble for awhile, though. I do have to mention that he bought the car, we didn’t pay one penny. We flipped it upright and he still drives it. But this is my most responsible child, I have 4 more to go through this with. Lord help me……..

Submitted by: Jennifer

Sweeney Toddler

Sweeney Toddler. The day before Easter family photos.

Submitted by: Missi H.

46″ LCD TV + Hurled Golf Ball = My Six-Year Old’s First Major Purchase


Pretty much deliberate, trying to out-cool a buddy over for a playdate. We emptied out his bank account and his piggy banks for a down payment and he’ll be paying down the remainder until he’s twenty if necessary. Anyone need their car vacuumed? Dog walked? Gutters cleaned? Crawl space insulated?

Submitted by: Randy